Most of the materials used on sneakers or apparels are not waterproofing. Resulting that our shoes or clothes will easily be smeared by careless or on rainy days.

Targeting on this problem, Lab 93 Waterproof Spray can provide a protection layer to the sneakers or apparels by utilizing the latest Nanotechnology and waterproof formula in order to help them remain brand new as time goes by.

LAB_93 Waterproof Spray utilizes the latest waterproof formula. It can widely use on different materials including canvas, leather, artificial leather, woven material, suede, cotton fiber, to name but just a few. However, please be noticing that Waterproof Spray can not be applied on any patent leather materials.

Definitely not. Our product is composed by natural elements, promised to be completely safe. We take safety as our first priority. We do not use any irritative chemicals and all element can be completely biodegradable. Not only it can be applied on your apparels, but also environmental friendly. Moreover, our product is approved not containing any carcinogen PFOA/PFOS.

However, the liquid contains flammable materials, please do not store or use it in a high temperature environment.

If any of the liquid splash into the eyes, please use water to wash it away immediately.

The quality of other similar products on the market is not guaranteed. In light of some of the waterproof spray in other brands can only protect singular material. They could not satisfied all customers’ needs. However, Lab 93 Waterproof Spray can be applied on most of the materials and fulfill different customers’ needs.

Also, the waterproof spray of other brands generally can last for only few weeks or even few days. However, Lab 93 Waterproof Spray can last for 3- 6 months, its long-lasting function is unquestionably better.

A bottle of Lab 93 Waterproof Spray can use for 4- 5 pairs of sneakers.

The waterproof function can last for 3-6 months.

The retention period lasts for 2 years.

96.5% of elements are natural which is environmental friendly.

Approved not containing carcinogen PFOA/PFOS


HKD $139


HKD $249

1. Ensure the surface of material is clean and dry before applying the product

2. Shake the bottle and evenly spray it on the surface of the material at 30 cm distance

3. Spray it again after waited for 10 minutes. The process will be finished when the second layer is completely dried.

Caution: this product is unsuitable for enamel leather / shiny surface

1. Enhanced separation ability against fluid and alleviated oxidation of materials by adopting nano technology.
2. Improved user-friendliness with ergonomic bottle design.
3. Colourless and odourless, harmless to materials, ensuring breathable and keeping the appearance perfectly intact.
4. Certified with CIC, proofing it is free from carcinogen (PFOA/PFOS).
5. Adaptable to many materials, including leather, chamois, cloth, textile.