Correction pen is supposed to use for correcting mistakes on paper works. It is comparatively easy to crack after drying. Moreover, correction pen is more likely to be pure white color. However, the midsole part of the shoes on the market are commonly in ivory white. Therefore, using correction pen will affect the appearance of the shoes.

On the other hand, the pigment of Lab 93 Whitening Pen is full of resilience which can prevent cracking. Furthermore, the pigment used in the whitening pen is ivory white, which match with the color of the shoes’ midsole.

As far as consumers’ concern about the quality of other similar products on the market, quality of LAB 93 Whitening Pen is guaranteed by multi- tests, including testing the pigment used in our product. The resilience of the pigment is high enough to support pressure in order to prevent cracking. Also, the pigment is also water proofing, ensuring the protection layer will not be affected by rainy days. The protection layer can last for at least one year if not deliberately scraping.

  • One Whitening Pen can use for at least 20 pairs of shoes.
  • The function of the Whitening Pen is especially effective on boost-made midsole. Meanwhile, it can apply on the midsole made by other materials as well
  • The diameter of the nib is 10mm which is user-friendly.
  • 98.3% of elements  in the pigment are natural and environmental friendly.
  • Do not containing carcinogen PFOA/PFOS

From time to time, the midsole, which composed by rubber and plastic will release the plasticizer and agglomerate. Meanwhile, they will undergo a chemical reaction with the natural alkaline substance. Therefore, it is a common phenomenon that certain degrees of yellowness appears on our old shoes. Targeting at this issue, the whitening pen can help you resume a pair of brand new shoes.


HKD $139


HKD $249

1. Shake the bottle and clean the dirt on the surface of materials before apply the product.

2. Press the pen point heavily 10 times, letting the pen point absorb the colouring agent.

3. Tape the part that duringnot wish to be coloured.

4. Paint on the materials directly with the colouring pen.

5. Leave the materials dry for 1 hour.

6. Repeatedly paint on the materials.

7. Repeat the steps above, if necessary.

8. After finished the steps above, wait for around 48 hours until the materials is completely dried.

Yellowing is inevitable in shoes and other materials. When time goes by, synthetic rubber and plastic materials in them will exude plasticize and polymer, in which their reaction with the natural alkaline substances in soil cause yellowing. Our product is exactly made to tackle this problem, restoring the perfect condition of the materials.